Tire Services

Now offering tire services for all BMW’s, right here in Spencer, MA! With a No-Mar tire changer we can change just about any tire and tires for all BMW’s. With all that said, MBW does not stock tires. We encourage our customers to shop around and find the best deal for tires that suit their bike and riding needs best. That way you are in charge of the best price. Mass Boxer Works is on the list of “Preferred Installer” from www.Motorcycle-Superstore.com. All you need to do is go to find the tires you want that fit your bike and during checkout, you can select the preferred installer program where you’ll find MassBoxerWorks.com Select us as the shipping location and you will get a call from us when they arrive and we can set up an appointment to get your bike in and out with new shoes!

All new tires mounted will be balanced, that is how it works (there may be some exceptions).
If you don’t want to take the used tires with you, there is a disposal fee of $15.
Valve Stems: It is highly recommended that you have the valve stems replaced each time the tire is replaced (it’s cheap insurance) or at the very least, every other. If you go through a couple tires a year, then it’s not as big of a deal.